How can I create sha256 hashes for Sierra and High Sierra?

(Jørgen Sivesind) #1


Working in Mojave, I am getting ready to add a new formula to Homebrew for an open source tool we are working on. In preparing the pull request, I am unsure about the “bottle do” part of the formula: I have install our tool locally, using the --build-bottle option. Then I did brew bottle <formula> to get the bottle do section. But the resulting section only includes the sha256 hash for Mojave. Of course, most Mac users have upgraded to Mojave, but we do not want to leave anybody out, so:

How can I prepare bottles for Sierra and High Sierra as well?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

This doc might already help you:

The audit for new formula is a lot clearer about this though, new formula shouldn’t have bottle blocks. This is because (as mentioned in the doc above) BrewTestBot makes bottles.

If you’re submitting your own software you might also want to read:

(Jørgen Sivesind) #3

Hi Sean!

Thanks for clearing this up. I have been reading the doc on Bottles, and just really wanting to make sure everything is correct with the Formula, I didn’t understand that “maintainers” were you guys. :innocent:

We are working on a last few bugs, but hope to submit our PR next week.