Homebrew won't pick up my private formula

Hi! Apologies in advance for my cluelessness as I’m new to developing homebrew formulas.
I was wondering if I could get some help as days of internet digging hasn’t led me anywhere.

So my team created a program for internal use only(java) and I want to create a homebrew repository and formula to simplify the distribution of said tool. I created a formula and put it on my public github for testing purposes and I am able to tap the repo via homebrew but when I try to brew install it it fails to find the formula anywhere. gist-logs wouldn’t print anything becuase it can’t find the formula but I put the outputs of brew config and brew doctor in a gist if it helps.
Any guidance would be massively appreciated, thanks!(https://gist.github.com/cesarbiods/38a5eac90982d430a39a4f4e5f4586a4)

What does brew tap-info <tap-name> say?

would it be possible because the recipe is inside a subfolder? I keep mines in the root repo

For homebrew-core it’s also in a subfolder. But the naming is different.

Apologies for the delay I didn’t have my computer on me. Here is that output for the command brew tap-info

cesarbiods/tools: unpinned, no commands/casks/formulae
/usr/local/Homebrew/Library/Taps/cesarbiods/homebrew-tools (116 files, 64.0KB)
From: https://github.com/cesarbiods/homebrew-tools```

So it doesn’t recognize your subfolder as valid. Can you try renaming the folder to Formula and see if it helps?

That did the trick. Within homebrew-tools I changed the subdirectory homebrew-formula to Formula and then it was able to find my formula and install it. Thanks for the help!