Homebrew warning msg on Big Sur

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After I upgrade my macOS from Catalina to Big Sur, it shows the following warning after I run brew doctor like this:

Warning: You are using macOS 11.0.
We do not provide support for this released but not yet supported version.
You will encounter build failures with some formulae.
Please create pull requests instead of asking for help on Homebrew's GitHub,
Discourse, Twitter or any other official channels. You are responsible for
resolving any issues you experience while you are running this
released but not yet supported version.

Should I ignore this ?

I’d like to point at

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@SMillerDev It looks like your reply may have been cut off?

I was surprised to see this new wording… I don’t remember that happening for Catalina, although I can’t claim an excellent memory, so maybe it was…

I was wondering if there was a timeline or estimate of when Big Sur would be considered supported, but I realized that may sound more specific than developers would be comfortable answering.

Perhaps it would be better to ask if Big Sur compatibility seemed like something that would be expected in “days” or “weeks” or whether it was “close” or “still a long way to go.”

I’ve been fortunate that mostly brew has worked well for me through the beta, and I appreciate all the work that has no doubt gone on behind the scenes already.

Re timelines:

I think the short answer is that there isn’t one, though maybe the tracking sheet may give you an idea of how things are progressing.

Is there some particular reason you guys don’t put this warning directly onto the frontpage of https://brew.sh/ so that people would know that Big Sur isn’t supported before they take the plunge?

It is still just second day after the release, I wouldn’t expect everything to work flawlessly so early, especially if you depend on it.

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Here’s another place you can track support for Big Sur:

It’s actually very exciting. (I may have a weird notion of “exciting”.)

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For those curious, by my count, 1582 formulae have been bottled for Big Sur. There are 3196 formulae left that need to be bottled.

You can check / keep track of these numbers yourself by modifying the script in this comment.

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What is the current status of Homebrew on macOS Big Sur ? I installed MariaDB quite a long time ago and now it seems to be down, at least MySQLWorkbench cannot connect to it.

It’s not supported yet, but that doesn’t have anything to do with your MariaDB instance running or not.

I feel as if it is related to the upgrade as MariaDB was working before Big Sur.

I’m getting the same warning and my 2/cents is that it’s still just a warning because there is a new OS that hasn’t been fully vetted with brew. In time, that warning will go away.

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