Homebrew-science: consider changing "deprecated" to "discontinued"

(Christopher Dembia) #1

Happy new year! I recently learned that the homebrew-science tap no longer works. Brew told me that “homebrew/science was deprecated,” which gave me hope that I could still use it for a little while longer. However, it seems that homebrew-science has actually been discontinued, rather than deprecated.

Wikipedia says the following about “deprecated”: “While a deprecated software feature remains in the software, its use may raise warning messages recommending alternative practices; deprecated status may also indicate the feature will be removed in the future.”

Would the homebrew team consider changing the description of homebrew-science to “discontinued”?

(Shaun Jackman) #2

The formulae in Homebrew/science have been copied over (but are not maintained) at https://github.com/brewsci/homebrew-science. I’ve created a new tap for bioinformatics formulae at https://github.com/brewsci/homebrew-bio.
:beer: brew tap brewsci/bio
:beer: brew tap brewsci/science
:skull: brew untap homebrew/science