Homebrew not downloading bottles from my tap

We run a tap which is a fork of homebrew-core because we need some core formulae with customized configurations. However when installing packages from this tap, homebrew does not use bottles, even though they are available at the specified root_url.

For example we have a custom formula for mariadb-connector-c.rb:

brew tap autobrew/core
brew install autobrew/core/mariadb-connector-c

However this will build mariadb-connector-c from source, instead of downloading the bottle.

If I swap out the homebrew/core tap for my custom one, the bottles do work, but obviously I don’t want users to have to replace their core tap.

sha256 "9fdd9109ae52e7d8fd77957c56b1c497037837c03dba06506cc96f38d0ddf38a" => :el_capitan_or_later

This should just be :el_capitan. See https://github.com/Homebrew/brew/pull/5100

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Thanks! That fixed it.

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