Homebrew architecture and design decisions

(Stevie Howard) #1


I’m a software engineering university student. My team of 5 students has chosen Homebrew as our case study for a “software architecture and documentation” class.

  • We are interested in finding out about the architecture and design decisions that are/were made by the maintainers/creators of Homebrew - our strategy has been to comb through GitHub issues and PRs to find where a problem was identified and see how they addressed it (if it resulted in an architectural change).

  • We’re also interested in the “business” goals of the organization. For this we’ve tried to analyze who the stakeholders are (Maintainers, contributors, users, and developers/companies with their packages included in a Homebrew formula)

If anybody has anything to add or any leads to give, that would be super helpful to us.

Thanks guys! Cheers

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Hey @stvhwrd. I’m lead maintainer so give me a shout directly and you can ask me those questions directly if you like (and publish the your notes somewhere publicish).

(Stevie Howard) #3

Thanks @MikeMcQuaid - we were not expecting much of a response, so we’re excited to hear from you! We value your time and really appreciate your openness.

We will organize some questions and email you at the email on your namepage. Thanks again, cheers