Help setting up Homebrew on Mac

Hi, it’s been years since I’ve used Homebrew for my MacBook Pro, and I’d like some help with installation. As I’m more used to using my Pi, all this stuff with the Mac is a bit more confusing to me. I’m on the download XCode part, but I can’t because I won’t download Catalina. I’m on Mojave, and any time I download an old build of XCode, it says it can’t, that it is damaged and can’t be expanded. I’ve tried Archive Utility and The Unarchiver, which both give me the same result. CLT installs fine, but XCode just refuses to. How do I go about installing it? Also, when I put the command in the Terminal to install this, it says it “-bash: curl: command not found”. Is this related to not having XCode installed? If so, how can I get it installed with what I currently use? I have a Mid 2012 MacBook Pro running macOS Mojave Version 10.14.6.

Hi, I’m so sorry for asking all of this stuff if it’s like somewhere else or super apparent, I’m just not too sure in my abilities to do this all right, and wanted some help. Thank you in advance if you helped out! If not, thank you for at least reading it and thinking of it!

Only the commandline tools are required for homebrew and should be downloaded by the install script. Can you copy the install from and post the output here if it fails?

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sure, I’ll do that right now!

edit: when I put in /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL", it gives me -bash: curl: command not found.

can you run ls -al /usr/bin/curl and post the output?

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I have seen that /bin/bash . . . command before, but why not just use the Ruby version of it?

Ah, I saw that another person using the bash shell got a depreciated warning about the ruby line.

Because apple might not ship ruby in a future macOS release and it’ll probably still ship a bash interpreter. So we rewrote the installer in bash.

That… feels like choosing the lesser of two evils (maybe not evils just bad choices)
Just a baseless guess but the way they warn existing accounts with bash as login shell about its “deprecation” and the fact that it is due to licensing they won’t update it, it might go down the path X11 did, optional download, then no support at all.
Is the script sh compatible?

Welcome back @kumowoon1025!

Apple’s deprecation notice doesn’t mention shells but rather a number of (non-shell) scripting language runtimes.

Even though you may be right in that Apple may no longer update Bash, Apple has a track record of backporting security fixes. That’d be all we need for Homebrew‘s installer to work well enough so I personally don’t worry too much about it.

Hi, sorry for the late response, I’ll get on that in a minute, been busy with stuff

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I think that you hit it on the head. It sounds like some future release of macOS will not contain python nor ruby. Heck Python 2.7 is at End Of Life anyway.