Help a beginner! Homebrew won't install

I am new to coding and I am preparing to take a bootcamp. We are required to download programs before the start of class. I need to install node.js, but I can’t do that without having Homebrew and the installation won’t work. PLEASE PLEASE help, I’m stuck!

Please post the outcome of the attempt to install brew

This is what it looks like before I press return

This is what I get when I press return

Seems fine, enter your password and brew should be installed. I would have installed Apple’s Command Line Tools first, but the install procedure seems to be proceeding according to the expected.

I have xcode dowloaded already. And the password it’s asking for should be coming from GitHub correct?

Your password is needed because the installer needs admin rights for the first install, it’s your computer’s password if you have the admin rights. Then it will download all the needed software and proceed with the install.

OMG! I feel so dumb, it worked. Thank you for helping me, I really appreciate it. I’m just a beginner but I’ll get better.

Good luck with your bootcamp. I am a Physicist and a C++ programmer, I enjoy very much programming in macos, it is the best platform for me.

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