Hello! I'm from Russia and I don't know what happen with homebrew

Hello! I’m from Russia and I don’t know what happen with homebrew

I was sitting in home brew and installing packages maybe 800 pack’s after 1,5 week i go to python and downloaded PIP after installation in pip all of this

pip install brew==0.1.4
pip install Brew-Distance==1.0.1
pip install Brain-Brew==0.2.4
pip install brew-tools==0.2.7
pip install brew-cron==0.1
pip install brew-view==2.4.19
pip install rime-brew==0.0.7
pip install pubkeeper.server.websocket==1.0.0
pip install beep-bop-brew-Service==0.1
pip install pubkeeper.brew.zmq==1.0.0
pip install pubkeeper.communication.websocket==0.2.5
pip install pubkeeper.protocol.v1==1.1.1
pip install pubkeeper.brew.local==2.0.0
pip install pubkeeper.protocol.legacy==1.0.0
pip install pubkeeper.protocol==0.2.4
pip install brewday==1.0.0
pip install pubkeeper.communication==0.2.4
pip install pubkeeper.client==1.1.4
pip install pubkeeper.brew.websocket==1.1.1
pip install brewer==0.5.1
pip install apaupercary==0.0.6

My Terminal cannot start new command with brew what was happen?
And how i can decide my problem in brew<==

if i was only have this message in my Terminal when i starting to bite ~: brew …
/bin/bash: /usr/local/Library/Homebrew/brew.sh: No such file or directory

How to reset homebrew to first configurations after pip packs

Brew is not a python tool. But I think in your case you should run the install script at brew.sh again.