Having lots of trouble installing Gajim on Mojave Mac

So after many fixes, I am stuck because gajim cannot find the png library.
jar$ ./launch.py
No translations found
Dirs searched: [PosixPath(’/usr/local/share’), PosixPath(’/usr/share’)]
2020-06-28 14:01:59.486 Python[15192:14110269] ApplePersistence=NO
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/Users/jar/gajim/gajim/application.py”, line 220, in _activate
self.interface = Interface()
File “/Users/jar/gajim/gajim/gui_interface.py”, line 2745, in init
File “/Users/jar/gajim/gajim/gtkgui_helpers.py”, line 667, in make_jabber_state_images
pixo, pixc = load_icons_meta()
File “/Users/jar/gajim/gajim/gtkgui_helpers.py”, line 604, in load_icons_meta
pixo = GdkPixbuf.Pixbuf.new_from_file(path_opened)
gi.repository.GLib.Error: gdk-pixbuf-error-quark: Couldn’t recognize the image file format for file “/Users/jar/gajim/gajim/./data/iconsets/dcraven/16x16/opened.png” (3)
I am stuck unless I can fix this.

How did you install gajim? And did you try upgrading homebrew parts?

I upgraded homebrew, and I followed the wiki instructions for MacOS. I did fix this issue by reinstalling gdkpixbuff. But now that it is kinda working (via launch.py, not from the ~/Applications folder which does not work), if is just not ready for prime time on Macs. It crashes every time if I try to manage sounds, but even worse, I often cannot type in the chat windows. It also insists on creating a room that was a typo. So I am using Beaver at the moment.

Do you mean that you didn’t install gajim through Homebrew? Because in that case there’s not much I can help you with, since I don’t know anything about the tool

There is no Mac direct homebrew install. It is done in bits and pieces.

It seems like https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/gajim/-/issues would be have more success to help you debug this then.