GUI application without Cask



I’m trying to install the ‘Homebank’ recipe (but it could be any other one). There are no binaries available for macOS so Homebrew compiles it from sources (there is no Cask recipe). I opened a request on Cask GitHub ( to have such recipe but they replied they try to avoid duplicates from Homebrew and since Homebank binaries aren’t available, they won’t change their mind.

I’m left with a GUI (GTK+ 3) application without icon, without link in the /Applications folder and not really user (Dock) friendly.

How could I make an .app from Homebank? I tried to use Platypus ( but it doesn’t help much for the Dock manipulation (pinning). I also tried the deprecated linkapps but it didn’t generate anything.

Thanks for your help!

(Joshua McKinney) #2

It’s likely you’re going to have to get your hands dirty if you want this to be better than what it is.

It looks to me like the next steps are creating an application bundle (i.e. a .app) from the built application. Some googling leads me to

The best solution would be to convince one of the Homebank developers to use this to setup an automated build that spits a binary somewhere that you can then reference in a cask. I wouldn’t anticipate a high chance of success given the main developers are linux focused.

A second alternative is to do this yourself on your local system.
Once you’ve done this once, you could script that change and provide an update to the makefiles for the original developer, or alternatively to the homebrew formula.