Gst-plugins good/bad missing dtmf plugins

(CN) #1

I’m working on a project that needs the plugin for dtmf but found out it’s not available on homebrew.In gst-plugins-bad, it’s missing spandsp and in gst-plugins-good, dtmf. Any chance these getting added soon? Thanks

On other note, is there any way to install it myself? I’m not very familiar with installing packages. Installed the .pkg provided by gstreamer and it’s in /Library/Frameworks/Gstreamer, but I’m not sure how to bind them with python (it’s quite easy for C, can just import header files).

(Sean Molenaar) #2

All homebrew formulae are maintained by humans like you and me, there’s simply way too much software to keep track of. This means that adding software to homebrew is done by humans as well, as the best way to measure the need for software is the effort people put into it.

Here’s some resources to help you get started contributing software to homebrew: