GNU screen truecolor support

(Don Viszneki) #1


I’ve got screen 4.6.2 installed via homebrew.

The manual that comes with it says it has support for truecolor, but when in screen itself, issuing ^a:truecolor on yields : unknown command 'truecolor'

Any chance this is a bug that has been fixed in GNU screen but hasn’t been released for homebrew?


(Don Viszneki) #2

Well, I just built screen 4.6.2 myself and it still says unknown command. I think it’s only available as a configuration setting in e.g. ~/.screenrc and not as a command you can run from within screen.

In any case, the true color terminal codes seem to function in neither version of GNU Screen when used from Apple Terminal nor iTerm2.

Maybe it’s time for me to finally plunge into tmux?