Forum specific feedback

(Alex Santos) #1

How do I mark an answer as solved to benefit the community of users. It might lend itself especially well for a longer post.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

That’s not really what forums are for. You could just change the title.

(Alex Santos) #3

With all due respect. To suggest that the purpose of a forum, from a visitor’s perspective, is to not quickly jump to what is considered the correct answer is missing the point, turning on this feature provides clarity for the user and helps quickly reach an answer rather than continuing a conversation that might have already been answered.

Perhaps I didn’t present my comments clearly. The problem or issue relates to an ability to click on a post, read the initial question and quickly determine which answer was considered or maked as the correct answer. The value or flag to identify an answer as correct should typically be done by the poster who was seeking help. By marking which answer delivered the answer ro solution, it helps other visitors get to the answer quickly.

I appreciate that a potential solution is to change the title but that is more involved than a simple option that can be clicked on.

I think it could look like this:

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(Sean Molenaar) #4

That’s what stackoverflow is for, we can’t just modify the forum.

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(Alex Santos) #5

I am confident discourse has the feature built in.

In general, a fair number of technically focused forums do have the feature built-in. I encourage you to contact and ask about this feature, it is an excellent feature absolutely worth activitating.

I hope this helps!

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