Flann: Release Outdated

Hey guys, I wanted to tell you that the upstream repository of flann has been getting a lot of updates, out of which one major update is C++17 support, however, the author is inactive and doesn’t create new releases, so I am asking if I should create a formula with a patch to the preexisting one, or if I should create a devel patch for it? Ofcourse I would like to create a PR for the same.
PS: The version used currently is last updated on 2016-08-04T18:30:00Z.

Unfortunately one of homebrews hard requirements for formula is that they have tagged releases. Those updates seem worthwhile though, maybe whoever merges the update can tag a version?

So then I would have to create a devel patch for it and then put it up for a PR, or I would need to create a release for it?

You’d have to create a release for it. Due to the similarity with HEAD installs devel builds are discouraged in homebrew-core

Alright, thank you @SMillerDev.