Firefox developer edition not found


I’m new to Homebrew. I’m trying to install Firefox Developer Edition (mozilla.o rg/en/firefox/channel/desktop/) with Homebrew.

I’ve found the file firefox-developer-edition.rb in GIthub (

But I can’t find it in package list (

Of course, the CLI fails:

$ brew cask install firefox-developer-edition
Error: Cask ‘firefox-developer-edition’ is unavailable: No Cask with this name exists.

I’ve found another way of installing it, but does anyone know why it’s listed in github and still not available ?

Thanks for your help,


That’s because cask-versions and cask aren’t the same thing. You’d have to tap cask-versions to be able to find this.

that make sense ! There are 2 repositories for cask: homebrew-cask and homebrew-cask-versions

thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: