Feature Request: How to port Homebrew to a different Mac User

Hi all,

Posted this as a Homebrew issue where I was told to place it here.

There’s no apparent (easy) way to move Homebrew to a different user on the Mac, I think this is a defect that should be remedied by either documentation or a script that helps the process.

If there is documentation, and I didn’t see it, well shame on me - if someone could point me to it, I would be delighted.

By the way the Inxi developer over on Github went utterly ballistic when I asked if he or someone in his community add it to Homebrew.

See his response: https://github.com/smxi/inxi/issues/211#issuecomment-583901142

Homebrew isn’t specific to a user, all tools are installed to /usr/local which anyone can read in theory. If you want someone else to write there too, make them owner of the files or allow them to write to it at least. man chown and man chmod can help you with this.

Homebrew wouldn’t like that either so I guess that’s a good thing, although I’m not sure how that’s related to your user issue.

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Much better approach to provide them privileges to the files, then what I was attempting.

Familiar with the linux core tools, thanks though.