Extremely slow conversion with imagamagick

(Osbama) #1

After a brew update I run two days ago, converting a svg to png with imagemagick takes approximately 15 minutes, where my ubuntu install does the same conversion in less than 2 seconds.

when using -debug all, I see draw.c is using a lot of cpu time, whereas ubuntu seems to delegate it to something else, which takes no time rendering the input image

macOS high sierra 10.13.4,
Homebrew 1.6.7

Things that did not work:
-force reinstall and force rebuilding imagemagick from source
-rebuilding font caches via a reinstall of fontconfig
-Complete removal of homebrew, and reinstall everything from scratch

(Osbama) #2

This solved my situation. The problem was, my previous settings installing imagemagick were not read correctly, and I forget I explicitly mentioned some libraries:
brew reinstall imagemagick --with-fftw --with-fontconfig --with-ghostscript --with-librsvg --with-libwmf --with-opencl --build-from-source