Experiencing some issues on Catalina

So, I tried to do an update/upgrade. And it appears to be getting stuck on this:

==> Pouring ruby-2.6.5.catalina.bottle.1.tar.gz

When I kill it, it says that it couldn’t complete the postinstall step didn’t complete successfully. Trying to run just that also hangs.

Only thing that brew doctor reports is:

Unexpected dylibs:

Any ideas?

How long did you wait before determining it was stuck?

a long time. 30 minutes or more.
It turns out I’m experiencing some systemic problem; lots of apps and things are appearing to just hang. Rebooting several times not helping, and safe mode not helping.

So, probably not homebrew specific I think.

I’ve had the exact same issue, any advice on how to fix it?

yo tengo mac catalina y tengo instalado homebrew claro primero tube que instalar sdkman y listo homebrew se instalo correctamente al final me pidió que instalara todos los paquetes xcode tool di aceptar y me funciona correctamente.

hay dejo el link donde se encuentra sdkman https://www.scala-sbt.org/1.0/docs/Installing-sbt-on-Mac.html