Error when brew install postgres on Mojave beta 3

(Diogo Ferreira) #1

checking for perl.h... no
configure: error: header file <perl.h> is required for Perl

(Hilton Lipschitz) #2

Just tested this, worked fine

brew install postgresql --without-perl


(Tom Chen) #3

Thank you! That works for postgresql@9.6 as well.

(Timofey Martynov) #4

Same error on mohave 10.14.1 when upgrading postgresql 10.5 to 11.1.

--without-perl doesn’t work: it prints a warning that says that there’s no such option so it’s ignored.

(Sean Molenaar) #5

You’re still running mojave beta 3? What does brew doctor say?

(Timofey Martynov) #6

No, it’s stable: 10.14.1.
brew doctor says nothing.