Error: Calling 'brew prune' is disabled!

(Seju) #1

Hello, I am troubleshooting a Server running MacOS.

On this system when trying to run brew prune I get:

Error: Calling 'brew prune' is disabled! Use 'brew cleanup' instead.

Has prune been replaced or is it a symptom of what messes up the system?
(Could be a screwed up OpenDirectory Server … Radius not running etc …)

(Mike McQuaid) #2

Yeh, brew prune has been replaced. Call brew cleanup instead.

(Seju) #3

Oh, and I liked prune ;0)

Does cleanup remove symlinks too or only old versions?

Thank you for your reply!

Still have to figure out though why my RADIUS server went down…

(Seju) #4

Dear Mike, I found out that when installing FreeRADIUS through homebrew there are no rlm_opendirectory.* files present. On the FreeRADIUS user mailing list they say that is a problem of the homebrew package. How can I proceed? Where can I post a question?

This is still related to prune, since I stumbled on prune when trying to solve RADIUS ;0)

(Mike McQuaid) #5

Also old versions but I’m adding a new flag in that will better match brew prune's functionality.

Homebrew/homebrew-core would be the best place to create an issue, thanks. Make sure to explain in detail what the problem is and paste as many links to explain as possible.

(Seju) #6

That would be great! What I found is that cleanup deletes all older versions, but in some cases I have to use older versions instead of newer ones and like to leave them around. For example mysql, which I have to use in v 5.7.21 or else my dev system breaks because the mysql gem 2.8.1 starts to not compile.

Though I probably need a thorough introduction into compiler/header/mysql_installation instead in order to switch to @5.7 and start to leave all these hacks behind … ;0)

I would love to contribute, but need to learn more to be of any sincere help ;0)

Thanks for everything.