Does Homebrew on Linux reuse/share dependencies?

(Arian Maykon De Araújo Diógenes) #1

I mean, if i install something on Ubuntu with apt, and another dependency requires it, it reuses what was previously installed Does Homebew on Linux and apt share dependencies or does HoL duplicates it all?

I’m curious about it, and on one of my machines i’ve a small 120gb SSD, so i cant to use the less space possible. :smiley:

(Jonathan Chang) #2

Per the Homebrew on Linux documentation we try to use as few system dependencies as possible, so there may be quite a few duplicates with your host system depending on what you’re installing.

It is technically possible to get Homebrew to use system dependencies where possible but this is totally unsupported and a lot of things will break (I’ve done this before and it was unpleasant, I definitely do not recommend it).

If you’re fine with using Homebrew as your primary package manager you can do stuff like apt purge etc. to free up space.

(Arian Maykon De Araújo Diógenes) #3

Understood, thanks for the reply and the link, sorry for not paying attention for this information before.