Does a CLI only binary live in Cask?

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a cask that is a CLI only binary, generated with PyInstaller. This means there’s no .app, just a binary you can run in terminal.

Is Cask the correct place for this? I don’t think /Applications is the correct place for this to live (it should be anywhere under $PATH). Do I just omit the app stanza in the cask?

I believe there also used to be a homebrew-binaries but that seems to not be the case anymore.

Any help would be appreciated!

Assuming you want to submit it to the official Homebrew-cask repository, it would need to conform with that repository’s standards for inclusion (list of common rejection reasons).

You could write it as either a formula or a cask if you are maintaining it in your own tap though.

Note if the application is open-source it will likely not be accepted as a CLI-only binary.

This post seems to be miscategorized. It’s currently under the Homebrew on Linux category, which confused me for a bit since AFAIK there’s no Cask support for Linux.

That’s now resolved.