Depends on a brew/pip package

How do I structure my dependencies in this scenario?

I have a python library brew package called svgScissors. It has python library dependencies as well as brew dependencies. The formula for svg scissors is straightforward. I have a python application brew package called templative. It depends on svgScissors as a python library.

Do I use depends_on "svgScissors" or include the svg scissors resource, or both?

Do I need to include all the depends on of svg scissors?

Do I need to include all the python resources of svg scissors?

Depends on the way it requires those dependencies. depends_on generally won’t expose resources.

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@TheNextGuy32 If I were to write a Homebrew formula for a python application (e. g. templative) with the goal of getting it into the homebrew-core repository, I’d add every Python-based dependency to templative as a resource, and also every transitive dependency of those, etc. all the way down. For a straightforward example, see the duplicity formula.

There are cases though where a Python dependency is more complex, e. g. numpy. This sometimes warrants to package the dependency into a formula. For an example usage of numpy, see the urh formula.