Default HEAD to master for 80% of repositories

(Andrew Pennebaker) #1

Many formulae do not have an explicit HEAD configured, preventing users from being able to install the very latest updates of their packages. Fortunately, there is a wide convention of treating master branch as HEAD, as many software projects now use git, without any special branch flows. I think we could dramatically improve how our users interact with --HEAD installs by applying this reasonable default.

If we really want to get fancy, we could distinguish between git, mercurial, and subversion/CVS, then applying the conventional master, default, trunk refs for --HEAD for the respective version control type. In any case, I think we could really help our users out and save formulae authors some time if we offered more convention over configuration. What do you think?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

HEAD installs are untested random snapshots of software, not really “the latest version of software”. Head installs should be an exception in case a user wants to test something, not a default option.