Cross compilation of packages through homebrew

(P Tavse) #1

I was trying to cross compile the packages with arm cross toolchain while installing the packages with --build-from-source argument. I tried a couple of things say:

  1. export HOMEBREW_CC=arm-gcc-compiler-name and --cc=arm-gcc-compiler-name
    Both of these options are not working for arm compilers giving an error saying: Invalid value for --cc and so on.

  2. Tried installing crosstool-ng. Installation creates problem due to gperf@3.1. But even if i try installing it separately and configure a cross compiler, I did not get a work around to use it with homebrew to cross compile the packages.

I need your guidance if it is even possible or not !! Does homebrew has a support for cross compilation for targets including arm, android etc. ? If yes, what are the possible ways to achieve this?