Couldn't tap github repo without `homebrew-` prefix

(Stepan Kuzmin) #1

It seems that homebrew cannot tap a github repo that doesn’t have homebrew- prefix in its name.

  1. I’ve setup a repo urbica/martin
  2. Created a HomebrewFormula folder with martin.rb formula in it
  3. Published it on Github

Now If I try to tap it with brew tap urbica/martin, homebrew tries to clone urbica/homebrew-martin repo nstead of urbica/martin.

Am I missing something? The docs says that homebrew- prefix is optional.

(Stepan Kuzmin) #2

It seems that I misread docs — homebrew- prefix is NOT optional.

(Robert Atkins) #3

One place says the homebrew- prefix is “not optional”, another place implies (“we recommend…”) that it is.

I have a similar use case to you, in that I want to set up a self-hosted tap for a small tool that doesn’t pass homebrew-core's “notability” bar. It would be nice if I could just add a Formula directory in the root of my project containing my tool.rb, that way the build process for my tool could create the binaries for various macOS versions, add the hashes to the bottle stanza and upload the binaries to the GitHub releases page.

Is there a canonical workflow for doing this documented somewhere?

(Mirko Friedenhagen) #4

Hello, you can always use the full qualified syntax using the complete github URL:
brew tap ratkins/repo

(Sean Molenaar) #5

That is indeed confusing and I’ve opened a pull request to resolve it.