Continued Support For Certain Processes On Older Versions of Mac OS?

(Thecomputermaster) #1


So I am running a tor network relay on Homebrew via Mac OS High Sierra. The problem I am facing is that while Apple support had priorly told me that the computer in question would run MacOS Mojave, but when I went to install Mojave via the Mac App Store, I got an error message saying “Mac OS Mojave cannot be installed on this computer” (I am guessing because it is an old computer someone else gave to me is the reason it will not run Mojave, even though apple support told me via the computers serial number beforehand it would run Mojave). I am wondering, will tor still be able to run via Homebrew on Mac OS High Sierra for some time? I am aware Homebrew is compiled for the two versions of Mac OS before the current one, but will I be able to run (and upgrade) tor after that?

I had asked tor project about this beforehand, and they told me to reach out to homebrew. Thanks very much. I am unsure if tor relies on Bottles.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Generally homebrew supports only the last 3 releases, which would mean you have 2 more years of bottle support at least. It doesn’t mean it’ll stop working the day after it ends though. While having an up to date system is a good thing, the homebrew packages might very well work for years after official support is dropped, you’ll just have to compile updates for yourself.