Confusing error / missing postgresql dependency


So, I’m trying to brew install psqlodbc but it fails with

Error: No available formula with the name "postgresql91" (dependency of psqlodbc)

even though brew info psqlodbc returns

psqlodbc: stable 09.06.0310 (bottled), HEAD
Official PostgreSQL ODBC driver
Not installed
==> Dependencies
Required: openssl ✔
Recommended: unixodbc ✔
Optional: libiodbc ✘
==> Requirements
Required: postgresql ✔
==> Options
	Build with libiodbc support
	Build without unixodbc support
	Install HEAD version

This seems like a contradiction to me. Any ideas what I could try to fix this?

(Joshua McKinney) #2

Looks like you’ve probably installed a previous version of postgresql at some point, which at the time was referenced via homebrew/versions/postgresql91, but the new hotness is versions are now a part of homebrew/homebrew-core. This changed as part of Homebrew 1.2.

Your best bet, assuming that you probably just want the latest versions of these things, is to brew reinstall postgresql and psqlodbc. This is outside of the scope of homebrew however.