Check my work on a new tap? (denismm/gv)

(Denis Moskowitz) #1

I attempted to create a new tap for the removed gv formula. I had to install it with brew install denismm/gv/gv rather than just as gv so I’m not sure if I broke something when creating it.

Thanks for taking a look.

Explanation of "option" removals?
(Jonathan Chang) #2

If you want to install it as gv you should rename the formula file from gv@3.7.4.rb to gv.rb and change the first line from class GvAT374 < Formula to class Gv < Formula.

Note that if you update gv.rb to e.g., 3.7.5 the Homebrew-hosted bottles will stop working, so when that happens you should remove the bottle do block.

(Denis Moskowitz) #3

As far as I can tell the bottles have already stopped working - when I installed this it fell back to building it. Should I just drop the bottles now?

(Jonathan Chang) #4

Seems like the best choice if the bottles are failing.

(Denis Moskowitz) #5

Bottles removed and added ghostscript with x11. Anyone able to try it out?

(Dwcaress) #6


Your gv formula works for me. Thank you very much for recreating access to this very fundamental and stable tool. My package ( absolutely depends on gv to render Postscript, and I’ve been receiving complaints about the sudden failure of brew based installs.

Dave Caress

(Denis Moskowitz) #7

Really glad to hear this, Dave!