Changes in gdk-pixbuf formula

(Onkar) #1

I am trying to create an app bundle for a GTK application that I maintain. In order to include and load adwaita theme images I have bundled gdk-pixbuf dylib file long with others in the bundle.
Even though I included all the pixbuf loaders in the bundle I was having trouble launching the app. So I built gdk-pixbuf from source with option with-included-loaders=png. All looked good for a while until this option was removed from the formula in commit 295e1b3ca5abbc7275c925ffade55394e34e5414.

Is this change intentional? I can’t find much info on why this option was removed.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Homebrew formula are tested in the base version by our CI, options however are not tested. This means that there could be a lot of breakage underwater on the options without us noticing, increasing the maintenance burden. For this reason we’ve been removing options that don’t see a lot of use.

EDIT: You could keep a version with the option in a tap (which is pretty easy) where you test it, or make an effort to get it build this way by default.

(Onkar) #3

How to I go about getting this option included again? Or can I somehow have my local version of the formula with this option.
Sorry I did not understand the part of tap, I am new to the brew world.

(Sean Molenaar) #4

Documentation on taps is here:

After this you can use brew extract --version 295e1b3ca5abbc7275c925ffade55394e34e5414 FORMULA TAP (for which the documentation is in the manpage) to copy the version you want to your tap.