Change username on discourse?


Is there any way to change the username on this community? I’ve been checking the settings and I haven’t found any option.

I guess the username is taken from github… but I’ve changed my username there and now they don’t mach. I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect github and no avail.

Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

very funny… :joy: but in the username there is no pencil to edit.

And before I asked here the question I’ve already searched for it on duckduckgo and what I found was that usually the administrator of the community has to change it for the user.

So if you can give me a more helpful reply would be great.

Well, there you have your answer. Apparently you can’t.

I’d be happy to change it for you, just need your new name then.

The same as my github account is fine: luispuerto.


Hey @SMillerDev thanks for the change :wink:.

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