Cask apps in subfolder of "Applications"

When moving a cask application from the folder “Applications” to a subfolder of “Applications”, cask will not find it any more,e.g. if you want to upgrade the cask.

I tried brew cask edit *mycask*, but and edited the app tag. However, it did not help to make cask aware of the new location.

What needs to be done to make cask aware of the new location of the cask application?

Thanks in advance,

There’s an option for that:

Thanks that works, but it works only if I use it at install time. If I have instaled a cask to /Applications and moved it manually afterwards, is there a way to tell brew where the application is now located? (otherwise I would have to uninstall and re-install a high number of applications)

It’s not, brew only manages things it installed itself.