Can HomeBrew Install

(Bailey1660) #1

i need to install the openmodeler GIS package in a place where it can be added to a Mac .app bundle instead of up in /usr. “brew openmodeler --prefix” does not work. (brew worked great for another package called “PROJ”.)

Are there other ways to use brew?

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Any software brew can install has to be defined by someone first. (Check the list on
Other than that it also can’t randomly pick a destination for those things, it’ll always install to /usr/local unless you’ve done a custom install of homebrew itself.

(Bailey1660) #3

i understand that brew will create a folder in /usr/local/Cellar. When i apply brew to the app “PROJ”, it creates that folder and within it, places the libraries expected when it runs. but when the executable runs, it looks for those libraries, not within the folder it created, but up in the parent /user/local.

What I am hoping for is a self-contained folder that i can put anywhere (like in an app bundle.) that will not need anything up in /usr/local. Is this possible?

(Sean Molenaar) #4

When you install a tool through brew there’s 2 options for dependencies. Either they’re part of the install (which would be the case with anything in GO) or they’re referenced. The latter is the case for most software, this just means that during the compiling homebrew points the program to the location where it’ll be able to find the libraries. Such a system could also be used at runtime but would be entirely dependent on implementation in the tool you want to use it with.

(Bailey1660) #5

thank you for your responsiveness. I shan’t bug you any further. My take-away is that, to get a version of an app like PROJ that lives within its own folder, I will need to get in and edit the source accordingly. Since I am not a C programmer, that is a daunting prospect. If you have any suggestions as to how I might start to get the needed expertise, those suggestions would be welcome.