Broken links in cask, how to update?

Hi Homebrew Community,

I just tried to update my metasploit cask, and found it is trying to install from a link that no longer exists.

the rapid7 release cycle is probably quite quick, and casks are defined by the community right? can someone fast track me to the docs for this process? I’d rather submit a fix than a bug report, surely it can’t be too difficult.

It’s very easy actually;

I wouldn’t call that easy :wink: And, given that the metasploit release is already two beyond what is in the cask, I would have thought this had already been updated. It’s been over two weeks with continued errors in downloading.

Apparently nobody cares enough to update it and generally maintainers are busy merging updates. If nobody in the community cares enough to keep it up to date it might be better to just remove the cask.

Hitch, I totally agree :sweat_smile: I’ve muddled my way though it and am waiting on a pull request

I am happy to maintain it for now :+1:

Al the maintainers are happy to help with your attempts. But it’s unrealistic to attempt to keep everything up to date with just 20 people.

If you’ve not had the chance, then take a look at contributing to Homebrew-Cask. A brief post about configuring your environment to make PRs for updating versions, revisions, and adding casks which could be useful to others.

Homebrew-Cask: How to Contribute

It didn’t take but a few minutes for me to begin submitting PRs whenever I first started using this project for package management. After you have your environment setup, then you could make a PR for editing a cask token to correct the download URL.

cask-repair -e {cask name}

or alternatively,

cask-repair {cask name} --url={web address}

I don’t expect the core team to keep all casks up to date, I do think opening a pull request is non-trivial if you don’t work with git frequently.

Perhaps I can contribute to the docs when I am more familiar with the process.

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Pull request merged yesterday, see