Brewfile Cask Issue

Whilst working on a long-standing brewfile yesterday, I noted an issue installing a number of casks as part a brand new dev install I was setting up where casks such as virtualbox and vagrant would not be listed in brew cask list and weren’t present in $PATH but were actually installed in the correct location.

It seemed like it partially installed the casks but I don’t see a way to get that kind of information. Is there a way I can see precisely which packages are being installed and what the outcome of that is? I do not a versbose flag (which we are using during the brew bundle call) and a debug flag which seems a bit too verbose based on the help text…

I must apologise in advance, Mac and Brew are very new to me but I am much more familiar with Linux and therefore should be able to pickup anything most of what you guys throw to me.

If I understand correctly your casks are installing through bundle but now showing in brew cask ls? In that case it might be better to create an issue against the bundle repo with a reproducible test case.