'brew upgrade' took almost 2 hours

(Jon Kleiser) #1

Yesterday I tried ’ brew update && brew upgrade && brew cleanup’ on a modern iMac, and it finished in normal time. Then, later, I did ’ brew update’, and then ’ brew upgrade’ on a MacBook Air, and I would say the upgrade may have taken 2 hours, with the cooling fan going most of the time. I have not looked closely at the log yet. Some of the reason why it took so much longer on the MacBook may be that I had more brew packages installed on that machine.

(Michka Popoff) #2

Hi. This may depend on a lot of things. Number of packages installed, network speed at the moment of the downloads. Maybe some build from source was triggered.

Without looking at the logs it is hard to tell. But 2 hours can definitively happen.

(Jon Kleiser) #3

Thanks. Yes, I had warnings about both ‘Building llvm from source’ and ‘Building python from source’.

(Sean Molenaar) #4

Yeah, anything that builds from source will be very slow. Some of those take roughly five hours on our CI system. I’d recommend relying on brew bottles as much as possible.