Brew update - everything is listed twice

Hi all, I hope this is not well documented already. I’ll keep searching for the answer after I send this. When i run ‘brew update’ everything is listed twice. here’s an example:

gog-galaxy skype
gog-galaxy spotspot
google-chrome spotspot
google-chrome sqlpro-for-mysql
grafx sqlpro-for-mysql
grafx sqlpro-for-postgres
grandperspective sqlpro-for-postgres
grandperspective ssh-config-editor
grids ssh-config-editor

why is that happening? what should I do about it?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Best wishes,


That doesn’t look like the output of brew update. At all.

Please run brew update again, and copy its entire output for us to see.

HI Adrian, Thank you for responding and please excuse my very belated response. No excuse. I guess I’d forgotten I’d posted here. So… I have a new problem now. I’m going to leave this here in case the resolution to my new problem doesn’t solve this problem. I’ll do better at paying attention here going forward!