Brew now requires Xcode 8.0?

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Uh, ok, no rudeness intended (and I’m sure neither was it reciprocated).
Yes there is the option to manually install brew, just as there’s an option for it to have a couple params for version with a “here be dragons” flashing red warning when not using latest … that specific topic can remain in the other thread (

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Again: we don’t have minimum versions like this for no reason. There was never a version of Xcode <8 that was released by Apple and supported on Sierra. That it works at all for anything is lucky. It breaks a non-trivial number of Homebrew formulae so we have the minimum version requirement. The best thing for you to do if you need to use Xcode <8 is to use the version of macOS that also supports Xcode <8 i.e. El Capitan or, ideally, Yosemite. Again: you can choose to do whatever you want here but we’re not going to support a known-broken configuration, sorry.

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Um, what? Sierra had public release on July 7th, Xcode 8 didn’t hit public until until Sept 13th. … someone better tell Apple about those mysterious 2 months where they apparently didn’t support their own software. That it works at all isn’t “lucky”, it’s just proper software architecture …
Now, does Apple strongly recommend using Xcode8? They sure do, but the fact that apps created in Xcode7 can still be submitted (and accepted) into the store says a lot about their support of it (not to be confused with underlying platform SDKs).
That leaves the only “known broken config” to be on Brew’s side (hence the “jdk” comment: Java is known to have long-tails which are still supported). And again, addressing that specific topic is covered in Installing specific (released or older) version of Brew

Incidentally, El Capitan is also a non-starter thanks to … so that only leave Yosemite.
I’d suggest an update to to not only the versions should be 8.1 but also reword from “recommends” to “forces”, shall I do a PR for that?

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Sierra’s public, stable release was on September 20th, 2016. Xcode 8’s stable, public release was September 13th, 2016. When Sierra was in beta, a beta version of Xcode 8 was also available. Apple never released an Xcode 7 version specifically for Sierra.

On El Capitan you will receive a warning but not a failure so you can use it but we never support the non-latest version of Xcode on an operating system.

Changing the wording to “forces” would be wrong. Note it already says “supports” which means if you are not using the latest version: you cannot expect support i.e. help when it doesn’t work the way you want it to.

A gentle reminder that Homebrew is run by volunteers in their free time. We are limited by our time and financial resources in what configurations we can effectively support.

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Ah right, I got the beta dates mixed up … that doesn’t change the fact that Apple is still accepting apps build on Xcode 7. also says “recommends” … If software throws a hard failing error, that’s not a recommendation, that’s force. A recommendation would be something along the lines of changing the error to:

xcode-select found Xcode 7.x. This version of brew only supports Xcode 8.x
Press [esc] to quit, [enter] to continue at your own peril (WARNING! not supported!!! Here be dragons!! avast matey!!), or type the path to for Xcode 8.1.

(ok may not exactly word-for-word :grinning: )

A gentle reminder that there was someone who literally offered to help code options to help with this work-around.

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We’re done here, we’re going round in circles.

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