Brew doctor warning (sshfs, python config)

I’m using Homebrew on macOS 10.15.7
When typing brew doctor i get following output:

Warning: Some installed formulae are deprecated or disabled.

You should find replacements for the following formulae:


Warning: “config” scripts exist outside your system or Homebrew directories.

./configure scripts often look for *-config scripts to determine if

software packages are installed, and which additional flags to use when

compiling and linking.

Having additional scripts in your path can confuse software installed via

Homebrew if the config script overrides a system or Homebrew-provided

script of the same name. We found the following “config” scripts:




I did delete the python config files and the warning was solved, but after some time it appears again. Also don’t know what’s the problem with sshfs.

Whenever you see a message like this, brew info the formulae in question for more details:

$ brew info sshfs
sshfs: stable 2.10 (bottled)
File system client based on SSH File Transfer Protocol
Deprecated because it requires FUSE!

More details about FUSE deprecation here: