Brew cask upgrade --greedy always wants to upgrade dropbox

(Rhaynes74) #1

Hi folks,

brew cask upgrade --greedy

continuously wants to upgrade dropbox! I can run this command as many times as I want consecutively and it finds that dropbox needs to be upgraded - which is does apparently successfully.

How do I fix this ?


(Sean Molenaar) #2

the --greedy flag tells brew to always update casks that are marked as “always up to date”. This means that it will always update dropbox among other things. It’s not broken, but if you want it to stop doing this you can just stop passing --greedy.

(Rhaynes74) #3

Thanks for the explanation of the “always up to date” designation. What is the reason it is marked this way?


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(Sean Molenaar) #4

Casks represent special software, software that isn’t compiled by brew itself. In the case of dropbox it probably has a way of updating itself, so brew should only do the initial install and not the updates. Which would mean that for brew it’s “always up to date”.