Boost not pouring from bottle

(Ulrich Petri) #1

On the two Macs I regularly use boost always compiles from source even though the formula defines bottles.

Since boost compile duration can be measured on geological time scales this is really annoying

Is this is a problem with my setup or a bug in the formula?


(Jonathan Chang) #2

The boost bottles are relocatable (cellar :any) so likely the issue is with your setup. If you are specifying any options or have set the environment variable HOMEBREW_BUILD_FROM_SOURCE then bottles will not be used.

(Ulrich Petri) #3

Thanks for the answer.

Both are not the case. I’m not even installing boost directly it’s just a dependency on some tools I use.

(Mike McQuaid) #4

What’s your brew doctor and brew config output? What are the tools that use boost? Are they installing it with any options?


There is also the possibility that there isn’t a bottle for your system.