Best practices for shipping an app with an updater (Sparkle)?

(Yee Cheng Chin) #1

I am the maintainer of a GUI app that uses Sparkle to update itself. It’s also available as a Homebrew formula. What happens if someone uses Homebrew to install it, and then uses the updater to update itself to a newer version? Would Homebrew recover intelligently by just overwriting when it updates? Should the app completely turn off Sparkle when compile by the Homebrew formula? Right now, there’s still a “update this app” menu item that people may use to update the app through Sparkle even when it’s distributed via Homebrew.

(Sean Molenaar) #2

Homebrew formula shouldn’t update on their own accord so if you could make it so that it doesn’t update when installed through homebrew that would make everything a lot easier for users :+1:

(Mike McQuaid) #3

brew cask is a better fit for shipping these than a Homebrew formula; you can set in the cask that it autoupdates and it’ll be handled as intelligently.

(Yee Cheng Chin) #4

Thanks for the advices. The project (MacVim) has had a brew formula for years and I don’t think we want to change that to a cask now. I will look into providing a flag to disable the updater in the formula.