Automate build workflow for Homebrew tap bottles with Azure Pipelines

Hi there --

(cc @MikeMcQuaid @sjackman @iMichka @scpeters)

After quite some time spend crafting a working solution to build and publish bottles for non-core taps, it’s finally here! :tada:

I’m more than open to feedback, criticisms, improvements, requests, new ideas on how to make it even better.

Thanks a lot,
-- Ladislas

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Amazing work! I need to check it out more in the coming weeks but I really love what I’m seeing here.

I’d love to eventually see this stuff live in so we can make it by default for new taps.

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Thanks a lot @MikeMcQuaid! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help with/work on the integration in tap-new.rb.

As a real life example, I’ve integrated the CI framework to our osx-cross/avr tap and it works perfectly.

See here: