Auto update please!

Hi everyone,

As other topics suggested, these days many people are suffering from a slow update of homebrew, and actually this “slow update” is too slow that it eventually becomes a “can’t update”.
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And since this ‘update’ is the very first step of every ‘install’, so it actually just breaks ‘homebrew’, without a successful update, you can install nothing.

As for a Mac “app”, I’m just wondering, if this slow update thing is not easily solvable, why can’t homebrew become a self-update software just like other Mac apps?

It’s not the first time when I want to ‘brew install’ something, and finally just stuck with the ‘update’ which could easily run forever. It always ruins a whole afternoon, with nothing actually accomplished, but struggling to just install some tools!

Don’t tell me something like “many homebrew users are very advanced Linux/Unix system administrators, they are gurus, they are computer gods, they need a full control over this and over that, they use everything in a very specifically configured way, so a auto-update could break this break that.”

I wanna point out that these guys are not the majority of users, and if they are that capable, they should feel nothing to take some little extra work to configure whatever they want, and leave the easy part for us!

For us common folks, we just need a straight-forward, out-of-box ready, hassle-free software installer. It install softwares in a clean and neat way. When you need it, it’s there.

An auto-update is no harm, since every install will firstly do ‘update’, why not just do it at sometime we are not there? What’s the difference? Why should this ‘update’ thing must happen in front of you when you really need something to be ready for work immediately? When I’m sleeping, this update thing can take whatever time it likes, I don’t care, just don’t step in the way when I’m in a hurry.

So consider this Auto-update feature request, it’s the modern way to go, and it’s the Mac way, don’t mention other package management tools, I know what they are, how they behave, they are not Mac App, let those tools rotten.

I know there are simple workarounds, but why not just added it officially? It’s no harm, and it’s the right way to go.

I’m not entirely sure what the point is of this post. It starts with a complaint about auto update and then suggests doing auto update as a solution?

Actually what I mean in ‘auto-update’ is not the same thing you mean…

What I mean is, auto-update in the background automatically, everyday or couple days, just like what Mac OS or a genuine Mac Store App does.

I just realized the terminology “auto-update” means completely something else here…

Sorry for my word choosing.

I just wanna express, it’s a cool thing if homebrew can update in the background, so whenever I need it, it’s ready to use immediately.(that’s what I mean by ‘auto-update’)

The behavior ‘update every time before install’ I would prefer to call it ‘force-update’.

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