Arp-scan can't find interface without sudo

(Justin) #1

Installed arp-scan on a friend’s machine.
When I use it on my machine,

arp-scan -l -I en#

Produces a list as expected.
When I use it on friend’s machine, I get

ERROR:  Could not find interface:  en#
ERROR:  Check that the interface exists and is up

However when I

sudo arp-scan -l -I en#

it works.

Appears to be a permissions error, but I can’t find where. Any suggestions?

(Joshua McKinney) #2
ls -l /dev/bpf
which arp-scan
ls -l $(which arp-scan)

/dev/bpf is likely rw for root:wheel
arp-scan is likely not setuid.

Either of this differences on your friend’s machine could be the issue

(Justin) #3

Thanks! I just saw this.
/dev/bpf0-4 are all rw for root:wheel. What should they be?
arp-scan is user:admin, what should it be?