Armadillo + OpenBLAS

For the Armadillo formula is it possible to modify it so that OpenBLAS is used instead of the Accelerate framework on macOS ?

Recent updates to Armadillo allow overriding the use of the Accelerate framework on macOS through options to the cmake based installer.
For example:

I don’t know which of the above two options is optimal/applicable to Homebrew (ie. which one would actually detect OpenBLAS or any other BLAS/LAPACK replacement library).

The MacPorts version does the following, which seems to optionally handle OpenBLAS in their specific setup:

That probably is possible. Please create a pull request and I’ll happily review it.

I’ve been working on a PR to make this change, but just wondering - is there some easy way that we can test and verify that Aramdillo is using OpenBLAS rather than Accelerate framework?