Access to analytics for taps and tap-maintainers

As discussed in another thread, I’m investigating options for making my tap’s formulae JSON available for “scraping”. To that end, I’ve forked the repo and modified it to build the JSON files for my tap.

Part of the site’s generated JSON is analytics produced by homebrew-formula-analytics. However, this command requires credentials to homebrew’s google analytics account. (I believe?)

Firstly, does homebrew collect installation/use metrics for 3rd party taps? If not, then that settles it. :smiley:

Secondly, if there -are- analytics available for taps; is there any mechanism for tap maintainers to get (read) access such that the homebrew-formula-analytics can be run against their taps?

All analytics, including that for taps, are available here: (also in 90 and 30 day variants).

You can access the JSON API from that page which is the only public access to analytics Homebrew provides.

Note: almost all Homebrew maintainers also only have access to those public analytics. The Google Analytics access is now only used to generate that data and not by any maintainers.

Apologies, I read the initial reply on my phone and totally glossed over “including that for taps”. I initially just searched the formula site and saw that only core formulae were available. I didn’t notice that the analytics for taps was still available, despite the formulae pages not being present.

So it seems I’ll hopefully be able to basically “import” the analytics data from analytics/install/365d/ and just slurp that into our tap’s site. Thanks! :smiley: