Abiword Word Processor in Homebrew?

Hi, I am a new member here. I have successfully installed Homebrew and used it to install the gnumeric spreadsheet into my macOS High Sierra. I am also looking to install the Abiword word processor, but there does not seem to be a package here for Abiword. Does anyone know of one?

Short of that, I guess I would need to create my own formula for it. I can get the source, but I don’t understand how Homebrew figures out and builds all the dependencies. Can anyone offer any pointers? Thanks!

Not that I know of, and https://www.abisource.com/support/require/ says:

Microsoft Windows and macOS are no longer supported.

If you want to try and build it anyway you can look at https://docs.brew.sh/Adding-Software-to-Homebrew for some help getting started.

The dependencies however are usually just a lot of reading the documentation and trial and error.

Thanks all, I guess I will have to go the “build it anyway” route. I will let you all know how it goes!